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Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my username and password. What should I do?

If you have validated your email address with VirtualJobShadow.com, you can use our forgot password feature. Please click on that to enter your email address and submit. You will be emailed a link to reset your password. If you forgot your username, and you are a student, please check first with your License Administrator for retrieval. Your Administrator may also contact us at customerservice@virtualjobshadow.com.

How do I validate my email address on VirtualJobShadow.com?

To validate your email address, please use your login credentials and log into VirtualJobShadow.com. Next, access your profile via the icon at the top right corner. In the email field, click +Add Email and simply enter your email address twice to confirm. Click the green Validate Email button and you will be sent a confirmation message to your email account. Open this message and click the link in the time sensitive system-generated message you receive. After doing so, your email address is validated and can be utilized to access.

Why should I validate my email address on VirtualJobShadow.com?

Validating your email improves security while empowering you to have the ability to reset your own password without contacting customer service. We strongly encourage all customer admins to do this!

What are the advantages of logging in to VirtualJobShadow.com with my Google account?

There are many advantages of logging in with your Google account.

1. Ease. You will not have to type in your username and password every time you want to login to VirtualJobShadow.com.
2. Convenience. Many people already use Google account for other web services.
3. Increased security. Google always follows the most up to date security standards.

I am a current customer but require additional training. Can you help?

Yes. We offer free online workshops for customers. See the list of available workshops when you log into your account.

How do I schedule my new customer training?

Every new organization is provided with a customized webinar training session when their VirtualJobShadow.com license is activated. This webinar session is scheduled through the primary administrators at your organization at the time of license activation and generally occurs within 2 weeks of license activation. If you have any questions about joining this initial webinar training, please contact the administrators at your organization who can inform you of the date and time and share the unique webinar training invitation with you. You may also contact customerservice@virtualjobshadow.com.

What if I can't attend my scheduled webinar training?

No problem. Please contact customerservice@virtualjobshadow.com. We offer several customer webinar trainings on a weekly basis for you to join at your convenience or you can arrange another session.

Do you charge customers for initial training or additional training throughout the year?

No. All webinar training is free and included with a License. Customers are able to join webinars and workshops at any time. Live, on-site training at the customers' request is available for an additional fee.

I purchased VirtualJobShadow.com for one school but now educators want to use it at some of our other schools. Can I share this License?

Unfortunately, no. For security and increasing privacy concerns regarding student and client data, access to VirtualJobShadow.com must be restricted to the terms of the original License purchase. Please contact the Customer Service team if you are interested in adding additional Licenses.

Does VirtualJobShadow.com require any special hardware or software downloads?

No. VirtualJobShadow.com is a web-based platform that works on most modern computers, tablets and smart phones. For Technical Specs, please go here.

What is the recommended browser for VirtualJobShadow.com?

VirtualJobShadow.com works best on the following browsers:
Google Chrome
Mozilla FireFox

We often have firewall issues at our school. Can we still use VirtualJobShadow.com?

If your school is having firewall issues with VirtualJobShadow.com, there are only two items that need access through your organization’s firewall. Please let your organization's IT be aware of this information:
1. VirtualJobShadow.com - our main website
2. Wistia.com - video streaming website where our videos are hosted.

Can VirtualJobShadow.com support Single Sign On (SSO)?

Yes. To read about our awesome SSO capabilities please go here.

Can I get a free trial of VirtualJobShadow.com?

In order to show you the best possible experience on VirtualJobShadow.com and see all of the features and tools we offer, please join a webinar or request a demo.

Can I find your video library on other websites or though other educational companies?

No. Strivven Media LLC is the exclusive owner and distributer of VirtualJobShadow.com video content.

How often do you add new videos?

Typically every month new videos are added to our platform.

We work in juvenile services and cannot allow external links to the web at our facility. Is there a special version of VirtualJobShadow.com with external links blocked?

Yes. Please contact sales@strivven.com for more information.

What kind of funds can I use to purchase a VirtualJobShadow.com license?

Funding at the school, district, or state level can be utilized to purchase access to VirtualJobShadow. Our customers use a variety of funding sources including: Carl Perkins grants, WIOA, Title I or II, and many others.